Patient Reviews

  • Patrick Pool

    Eliza Mendez

    "Dr. Simpson and her staff are true professionals. If you need professional dental care, don't hesitate, you’re in safe hands here!"

  • Helen Smith

    Howard Cannon

    "My wife and I have been going to this dentist office for about 7 years. We have always had good results from teeth cleaning to crowns."

  • Andrew Wilson

    Jessie Collins

    "It was my first time at Pearl Dental and I will definitely come back here. Great service and great specialists!"

  • Mark Taylor

    Eleanor Hall

    "I am extremely impressed with my experience. All the staff and Dr. Simpson are very competent, friendly, and attentive. Highly recommend!"

  • Mark Taylor

    Sam Brown

    “The last appointment was a cleaning. I’m very pleased with the dental hygienist and dentist.”

  • Mark Taylor

    Jesus Casey

    "Thanks a lot! Always fast, efficient, courteous, and professional service!"

Video Reviews


Anna tells about her orthodontic treatment.


Jane shares her impressions about her first visit to dentist.


Peter thanks his dentist for preventive dental care.